The Hollywood Park Community Association supports events, promotes public participation and community spirit in the Town of Hollywood Park.

The HPCA is a non-conventional association formed to engender a sense of community through the organization of social events and services.  We are apolitical and comprised of volunteers within the community.  Events are open to all, and freely available regardless of membership status.  Membership dues are $20 per year.  We always welcome new volunteers willing to make themselves available as their schedules permit.  The rewards are paid in new friendships, fellowship and satisfaction from serving your fellow citizens within the community.


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PO BOX 702035  San Antonio TX 78270-2035

2017 Board

President:                Holly McBrayer

Vice President:       Lacey Fails

Vice President:       Barbara Keener

Secretary:                Amy Loehman

Treasurer:                Judy Wheeler

Sparks:                      Carrie Dolle, Erin Highley & Alyssa Schuepbach

Membership Chair:     Shelly McKneely

Welcome Neighbor:     Margo Villarreal

Members at Large:

Virginia Balfour, Diana Braschler, Deborah Brust, Tonette Cortez, Lisa Cotten, April Dickerson, Amanda Drash, Lauren Garansuay, Rebecca Gibbens, Delaine Hall, Alicia Hartman, Erin Highley, Laurie Kabes, Kathy Kersten, Caresse Lyons, Tiffany Moake, Michelle Moon, Allison Newman, Michelle Phelps, Kimberly Prater, Lisa Thompson and Cindi Whitehead

PURPOSE:   The purpose of the Hollywood Park Community Association (the “Association”) shall be to function as a non-profit, non-partisan and inclusive organization of  community members of Hollywood Park, Texas for the presentation of community events and other benefits for its members and to promote public participation, cohesion and community spirit in Hollywood Park.
MEMBERS:    Membership is open to all dues-paying community members in Hollywood Park. Each individual member is entitled to one vote on matters presented to the membership for voting. The Association shall maintain a list of the membership and their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail or other contact information. Such membership list and contact information shall not be sold or otherwise made available for use by any person or organization other than as necessary for the activities of the Association itself. This restriction on the use of membership information does not preclude its use in a directory of the membership and other residents of Hollywood Park, which may be published from time to time by the Association.
MEETINGS:   An annual meeting of the membership of the Association shall be held each November at such particular time, day and place as shall be designated in the October edition of the newsletter of the Association and as may be publicized to the membership by other means. The purposes of the annual meeting will include nomination and election of members of the Board of Directors and a report from the Treasurer as to funds brought in, funds spent and the general financial condition of the Association. A period of time shall also be designated at the annual meeting for general comments and discussion regarding the activities of the Association. Such other matters as may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors may also be placed on the annual meeting agenda.             Called meetings of the Association membership may be held from time to time when deemed necessary by the President, Secretary or a quorum of members of the Board of Directors. Notice of any such called meetings shall be by publication in the newsletter of the Association and may be publicized to the membership by other means.       At any annual or called meeting of the membership, a quorum for conducting business of the Association shall consist of ten or more members. Members may attend and vote by vocal or written proxy.
NEWSLETTER:   The Association shall publish a monthly newsletter and shall deliver it to each member in a timely and economically efficient manner. The newsletter may be distributed to non-members with addresses within Hollywood Park and other interested persons, on the discretion of the Board of Directors.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   The Board of Directors shall function as the governing body of the Association and shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and one or more Vice Presidents as such number may be determined at each annual meeting. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for expenses approved by the Board and indemnified against liability for acts in the course and scope of their service as Directors in accord with the laws of the State of Texas. Vacancies on the Board may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors with such persons elected to serve the remaining term until the next annual meeting. No sitting Board Member may serve as an elected official of the Town of Hollywood Park.   The Board of Directors shall meet from time to time as necessary to conduct the business of the Association, at such dates, places and times as approved by the Board. Minutes shall be kept of the votes and other pertinent activities of the Board meetings by the Secretary. A quorum for conducting business shall consist of a majority of the Members of the Board. Members of the Board may attend and vote by telephone and the Board may meet by conference call or other similarly effective means if approved by the Board.
DUES:   Membership dues shall be payable each year in an amount set annually by the Board of Directors.
OTHER AUTHORITY:    Such other provisions of the laws of the State of Texas as may be necessary for the recognition and operation of the non-profit corporate form are incorporated herein by this reference as if set out verbatim.
AMENDMENTS:    These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any annual or called meeting.